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ACRL addresses the Energy Efficiency and the Demand Response issues associated with air conditioning in extreme weather conditions with an economical and easy-to-retrofit technology. Energy efficiency eases the consumers' need for effective air conditioning while lowering their energy bills. Demand Response enables the utilities to reduce peak load power while lowering their cost of operation.

Our HelioMist product line simultaneously improves the cooling capacities of air conditioners and reduces their demand for electricity. Less electricity consumption means less green house gases emission.

We have partnered with selected utilities for field installations and pilot sales. Data results from multiple sites confirm that the HelioMist performs especially well in hot environments where the cooling power is most needed. ACRL and the HelioMist won the prestigious CleanTech Open Award in 2008, and the Utility Technology Challenge (CTSI) in 2010.

The HelioMist maximizes cooling comfort, saves energy, and reduces GHG emission.